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lecture: cjdns & hypeboria

mesh networking thought differently


cjdns re-thinks decentralized networking from scratch.
hypeboria is a global meshnet using cjdns routing.

cjdns uses cryptographic identities for adressing and a DHT-based routing, peers over existing UDP, UDPv6 or Ethernet networks and provides easy-to-configure end-to-end encrypted connectivity.
A fork of D. J. Bernstein's NaCl library is used to provide Curve25519 for asymmetric crypto and the salsa20 cipher.

cjdns provides full IPv6 connectivity between nodes in the fc00::/8 prefix with the added benefits of cryptographically assured identities and end-to-end encryption (but not more than that). It allows pain-free (as in free of NAT and low efforts and resources) deployment of decentralized services like Tox or BitTorrent, provide public proxy access to the ARPA net or build a distributed hotspot using Ethernet-over-L2TPv3 or GRE tunnels over cjdns.

cjdns is not to be confused with a darknet, it's the opposite. It does NOT obfuscate the internal topology of the network nor tries to obfuscate the fact that traffic is routed between specific nodes. However, onion-routing-and-alike can quite easily be built on-top.


Day: 2015-05-10
Start time: 18:00
Duration: 00:45
Room: Lounge
Track: Fortgeschrittene
Language: en



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